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Since its foundation, PLEASANT GROVE DOLPHINS continues to welcome new members year after year. We strive to meet and exceed all of our members' needs.


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2019 Registration prices are as follow per player/cheerleader


                                               Football                                                        Cheer

                                          1st child $110                                               1st child $70

                                          2nd child $100                                              2nd child $60

                                          3rd +child $90                                              3rd +child $50

                                  UNIFORM $70 (includes jersey & pants)           


**See Football/Cheer page for additional costs**


Registration forms are available

Forms are found on the document page 



FOOTBALL - Equipment Deposit  $100.00 per football player  POST DATE CHECK 12/1/2019

equipment includes helmet and shoulder pads


Concession Stand Deposit $75 (Football & Cheer) (2hr shift required or forfeit $75) POST DATE CHECK 11/1/2019


CHEERLEADING - SPLIT THE POT $50 (2 games per family, the first half of the game) POST DATE CHECK 11/1/2019



Copy of child's birth certificate

Copy of parent drivers license w/ current address

Copy of address verification (utility bill)

Copy of health insurance card

Photo of child

Age range for Football:

Little Bullitts: Must be 5 before August 1st & cannot turn 8 before August 1st

PeeWee: Must be 7 before August 1st  & cannot turn 10 before August 1st

B Team: Must be 9 before August 1st & cannot turn 12 before August 1st

Cheer/Dance Age Range

           Little Bullitts & Pee Wee: follow same as football age groups.  

          B Team: Must be 9 before October 1st and cannot turn 15 before December 31

NOTE: Where the age groups overlap, defines who has the option to move up to the next level. 




E. Gate fees for regular season will be $4.00/adult; $2.00/student
(K-12);$2.00/senior citizen (55 and over), under five (5) or preschool/free. Military personnel with valid military ID and First Responders(police, fire, emt, etc) in uniform will pay $2.00 admission. 

F. Gate fees for Championship games; All County games and Cheerleading
 Competition will be $5.00/adult; $3.00/student (K-12); 
$3.00/senior citizen (55 and over), under five (5) or preschool/free .

G. Season passes may be purchased for $40.00 per person for regular season, playoff games and Championship Day. A family of four (parents and siblings) season pass may be purchased for $75.00 ($12.00 for each additional sibling).

Senior citizen may purchase season passes for $20.00. Misuse of coaches, sponsors, and season pass holders will result in the pass being voided for the remainder of the season. 










Our Location

Post Office BOX 895

Mt Washington, KY 40047

Phone: 502-537-0191


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Practice Field (Football):

Pleasant Grove Elementary


Practice (Cheer):

Bullitt Athletics


Our hearts go out to the family of Brenton Seeders #45 of the Colts.

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